Chili Rallenos Mihuatlan

In Mihuatlan between San Jose del Pacifico and Oaxaca is a bus stop where the ladies are famous for these hand-made chili rallenos.

Chili Rallenos Mihuatlan 

6 whole Poblano peppers roasted, skinned and seeded 

½lb. Queso Fresco or Farmers Cheese 

3  eggs 

½ c.shredded cheddar cheese 

½ c.salsa 

¼ c.cilantro 

1.Stuff peppers with triangles of queso. Set aside. 

2.Scramble eggs and season to taste. 

3.In a small, slippery skillet heat some oil on medium and spread a thin, thin layer of egg around the bottom. When the egg begins to set, place a stuffed pepper in the middle and fold the egg up from the sides with a spatula to gently cover the pepper. Roll it over for a few seconds and then transfer to a skillet large enough to hold 6 chili rallenos. 

4.Pour the salsa of your choice over and around. 

5.Sprinkle the cheddar on top. 

6.Heat until bubbly and the cheddar melts. 

7.Sprinkle with cilantro leaves and serve. 


1.This recipe is easy using La Preferida mild Green Chilies (whole) in the can. (This item is not easy to find in some neighborhoods.) If you prefer, you can roast, skin, peel, and seed fresh poblanos and make your own fresh salsa. I recommend Herdez Salsa Casera. 

2.Queso Fresco does not melt but attains a nice, creamy texture.