Waitress in My Truck

Michael Anthony


It is a beautiful thing when a wandering imagination comes to life.


 - 1st Verse

She’ll look like Sunday morning and smell like early spring

Pour my morning coffee, treat me like a king.

We will never worry, fuss or fret.

Chasing those horizons, what you see is what you get.

 - 2nd Verse 

She'll lean against the dash and turn up my CD.

And ask if there is something she can do for me.

Wonder if I ever bowed my head in prayer

With Elvis singing gospel, I'll be glad she's there

  - Chorus 

I wish I had a waitress in my truck.

A smiling pretty waitress in my truck.

Pouring me hot coffee, bringing me good luck.

Eighteen wheels a rolling with a waitress in my truck

  - 3rd Verse

Rolling down the highway me and my best friend.

Days will all be happy and nights will never end.

The Indiana wind is at our backs.

2 thousand miles to ramble until we can relax.

  - Repeat Chorus  

  - Bridge

On the off ramp of 294

I put my brakes to the floor.

Like a deer in my head lights she froze.

Pink dress, white apron and panty-hose

 - Coda

[:Eighteen wheels a rolling with a waitress in my truck. :]

[:Eighteen wheels a rolling :]