The Fever

Michael Anthony
Bruce Springsteen


Lonliness - everyone has been there.


THE FEVER - words and music by Bruce Springsteen


When I get home from my job, I turn on the TV

But I can't keep my mind on the show.

When I lay down at night, I don't get no sleep

So I turn on the radio,

But the only thing I hear is you whisperin' in my ear

The words that you used to say

Well now the days grow longer

My love grows stronger

The fever gets badder every day

I got the fever for this girl


Got the fever, oh got the fever

Nothing that a boy can do,

When he got the fever for a girl

Got the fever, oh got the fever

Left this little boy blue.


Well, I can remember comin' home

See you standin' at the stove

With the dishes on the table

Dinner ready to go,

Well maybe out to a movie show

Something that you like to see,

Because you were my sun in the morning

You're my moon at night.

When I think about it, makes me feel alright.

Well now the day grow longer.

The love just grows stronger, baby

And the fever gets so bad at night

I got the fever for a girl.