Madam Wong

Michael Anthony - Miriam Hedges - Sonia Astacio
Michael A. Anthony


She was a fascinating character who dominated the L. A. rock and roll scene in the 1980s.


M A D A M   W O N G  

Michael A. Anthony  - copyright © 2010


Emi - Ami   Bmi - Emi - Ami   Bmi

In her silk kimona, hand-painted dressing gown

Emi - Ami   Bmi - Emi - Ami   Bmi

While the bottom of her tea-cup spelled “it’s only Chinatown”

C^ - F^ -

Madam Wong threw the I Ching for a rock-n-roll band

A7/C# - D

And said with broken lines on her left hand 

C^ - B7   B`9 [: Emi - Ami   Bmi :]

She’s not much into romance but she’s always good for a one night stand.


I got a call from San Francisco, Captain Henning’s on the line.

He said “I’m about to crack a bottle of  famous Bridgette Bordeaux wine.”

I said Chuck I’d be on Amtrak tonight

But I don’t let Madam Wong  out of sight.

Don Juan is on her left and Charlie Chan is always on her right.


chorus  - 

C^ - C^

She got a smile for love and one for hate

B - B

A smile that says baby, you’re doing  great

C^ - B

One that says maniac musicians better learn to wait


We practice on our kung fu, music and magic tricks.

And we take the tango lessons from the latina chicks

And Madam Wong with overwhelming indifference

Got the young musicos in suspense

With her Aire of beguiling innocence


coda ad lib. - [: Emi - Ami   Bmi :]x2  -    [: C^ - C^ - B - B - C^ - B :]