Donna Jean

Michael Anthony
Michael A. Anthony


Enlightenment is like a status symbol. You can tell the level of enlightenment of the Yogis in L.A. by the size of their Rolls Royce.


When Donna Jean was a precocious child,

She played strip poker with 52 cards wild,

Got dressed and did not even say thanks,

Took all the little boys piggy banks


I had a woman who was so mean,

I went out a bought her a washing machine.

When I got back it was shot full of holes.

She said, "I'm a liberated woman. I don't wash no clothes."


Come home last night and what did I see? 

Yellow tape from tree to tree.

While I was out getting a friendly massage,

Somebody came and burned down my garage. 

All broke down in the middle of the night.

12 below zero and my nose froze tight.

I gave you my number and let you on my line.

Now you want to party like it's 1999.


You don't like my friends, cheap thrills.

Dope is for dopes and speed kills.

If you didn't like my menu, you should have quit with the hors d'eurves.

Stepping up, to the plate, takes steely nerves.


Jamming at the frim fram, cramming in the quill, 

If you don't want my loving why you coming around still?

Because you want it, when you want it, when you want it,

And you feel like the queen when you sit upon it.

Tell you one thing about the women I knew,

Some took on the band and the wrecking crew.

I miss the ones who got passed by.

S'cuse me while I kiss the sky.

I been doped and I been dazed.

I been shocked and I been amazed.

Lucky or not, I look in the abyss,

I see the chaos and I see the bliss.