After Hours

Mudcats with Rick Murray


The Mudcats capture some of that misty, late night, early morning, 60s , Chicago blues-jazz. Written and arranged for horns and blues guitar by Michael Anthony. 

~ featuring ~

Rick Murray from Southside on Vocals ~

Jack Rusnak from Blue Island on Cornet ~

Dennis Trainor from South Loop on Saxes ~

Paul Petraitis from Roseland on Guitar ~

Fred Sontag from Beverly on Drums ~

Michael Anthony from Chicago Heights on Keyboard ~


C - D/C - Db/C -

C Bb ̄⁵

After hours when the clock is asleep,


And the memories won't let me be,

C Ami - Bb G

I just hope I can keep going on.

C - D/C - Db/C -

After hours in the silence of night,

After hours long before it gets light,

How can I be so right if she is gone ?

C - C

F - Dmi

There ain't no place to go, no one to see,

C - A ̄⁹ A

No one to love, no love for me,

Dmi - Dmi/G

Nothing to do but wonder why she set me free.

C - D/C - Db/C -

After hours it's so quiet alone.

It's only me and my dial tone,

And I'll still be alone after dawn.


[: C Ami - Bb G :] x6

[: And I'll still be alone after dawn. :] x3

C - D/C - Db/C - C